Little Lush Book Details


Client’s fees

Clients can Sign-Up and post their jobs for FREE. LITTLE LUSH BOOK does not take any commissions or other fees for job postings.


Talents' fees

LITTLE LUSH BOOK offers one month free trial. After trial period ends, LITTLE LUSH BOOK will charge you $7.99 USD per month (converts to local currency accordingly as per your local bank rate). Upon profile registration, you will be required to enter your credit card details in order to activate your subcriptions. We use Stripe as a payment provider. We have also enabled encryptions to protect your credit cards data.

We reserve the right to vary the subscription fees from time to time according to our Terms of Use.


Billing method

For Talents, LITTLE LUSH BOOK will bill you through an online account (i.e. your Billing Account) for the monthly subscription. LITTLE LUSH BOOK uses  "Stripe" (Interactive Payment Service). The services provided by Stripe to LITTLE LUSH BOOK does not affect any kind of relationships between Talents and LITTLE LUSH BOOK.


Payment method

Your financial institution, credit card issuer and/or other payment provider will determine the terms of your payment. You authorize LITTLE LUSH BOOK to charge your chosen credit card and securely store it in order for you to continue to use the service. Your subscription to LITTLE LUSH BOOK will automatically renew every billing period at the originally selected subscription rate and date. You accept responsibility for all recurring charges prior to your cancellation. If you want at any time to cancel your subscription, please, visit the settings option on your profile to make this adjustment. By subscripting, you confirm that LITTLE LUSH BOOK is authorized to charge your credit card. This does not waive our right to seek payment directly from you.


Current information required

You must provide LITTLE LUSH BOOK with the complete, accurate and actual information of your Billing Account. Please update this infromation should there are changes on your credit cards. If you fail to provide LITTLE LUSH BOOK with any of the above information, you agree that LITTLE LUSH BOOK continues charging you for monthly subscriptions under your Billing Account unless you will cancel your subscription to the website.


Billing discrepancies

Unless you notify LITTLE LUSH BOOK about any kind of discrepancies occurred within 30 days after the payment statement, they will be deemed  correct and accepted by you. In this case LITTLE LUSH BOOK can no longer take any responsibilities and liabilities on claims of loss resulting from any such discrepancies or errors.



You can cancel your subsciption anytime during free trial period and will not incur any further charges. In a case where you are no longer within a trial period, you may cancel your monthly subscription before your next billed date to avoid an automatic renewal. You can do this by visiting your account dashboard. Please allow at least 5 business days before your next billed date to ensure there is reasonable time for LITTLE LUSH BOOK to act on any changes.


Price changes

We reserve the right to increase fees or introduce new prices or charges at any time according to our Terms of Use.



In addition, you have the right to cancel and claim a refund of your first subscription payment within the first 30 days. Please, consider the 7-10 working days to transfer your payment to your original payment method. Further refunds will not be given, i.e. after the first 30 days; however, you can cancel your subscription at any time and prevent any renewal charges from occuring.


Price Reference

Different rates apply to different jobs. If you are unsure of the minimum ward wage for your country we reccomend you post the job as "NEGOTIABLE" so the talent can advise you of their rates. Australian staffing rates can start at $25 AUD/hour and can reach over $100 AUD/hour depending on the job specifications. Little Lush Book encourages a fair yet competitive work place, but only acts as a facilitator and accepts no responsibility with payment agreements between client and Talent.