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The Rise in the Popularity of Brothels

The Rise in the Popularity of Top Brothels

Since the Covid hit, there has been a considerable amount of rising in sex workers in Australia. Although sex work in Australia comes under state and territory jurisdiction, it varies according to state. For example, independent sex work is allowed in most parts of Australia, but brothels are not allowed. Some of the top brothels are available in the city of Sydney. As of recently, approximately 39 top brothels were operating in the city of Sydney alone. Apart from brothels, Sydney also has its fair share of strip clubs on restricted premises. Also, over the last few years, top brothels have moved past Kings Cross, and now we can also see them in suburban areas.

As per a recent survey, there are four groups of sex workers available in top brothels.

● Female escort Sex worker: These are the sex workers who are working under a license and for a top brothel and are female.

● Male escort sex worker: These are male sex workers who are working with a license and are sometimes working under a licensed brothel.

● Private Sex workers: These are sex workers who work independently, and one can avail of their services by directly contacting them.

● Street sex workers: These are the sex workers who operate on the streets and relatively have very less security compared to other categories.

Reasons To Work In Top Brothels:

As per the recent research, when asked for the reason for working in the sex industry, the sex workers in a top brothel, the reason addressed were centered on money mainly.

 Some said they started working for curiosity and easy money. Approximately 85% of women have said they chose to work as sex workers because of money.

 Most of them needed this money for paying rent or paying for child daycare.

 But, there was a small population that was in the business because they wanted to go on an exotic holiday, and this business seemed easy and good money.

 Then there was another portion that needed this money for their drug.

So overall, the reason for being in this business is money.

Stigmas And Crimes Around Sex Workers And Top Brothels Standpoint Against Them:

There have been a lot of stigmas around sex workers, and a lot of activists are working toward the rights of sex workers. The variety and reasons for working in the sex industry vary a lot according to the workers need and monetary condition.

A stigma around sex workers said, poor wretches or happy hookers are wrong. Most of these sex workers in

top brothels are a mix of these two personalities. But, according to a recent interview, sex workers from a reputed and top brothel could also be your healer and help you with comfort.Recent years have seen a good amount of rising in organized crimes. Seven out of ten girls who left their homes end up being sex workers, as per the study and research. Lack of punishment and liberal laws has given rise to abuse and the rise of children’s sexual exploitation.

There should be more strict enforcement to stop this rise. We all should step up and advertise more about youth centers and career opportunities to stop the exploitation of children by pimps and procurers, says one of the workers in a top brothel.


There are various laws across Australia for sex workers. For example, sex work is a criminal offense in South Australia and Western Australia, but at the same time, sex work is decriminalized in New South Wales and the Northern Territory, and you can find some of the top brothels in those areas. Due to Covid-19, every industry was hit, but the sex industry was hit most badly. To overcome this, all the sex workers together formed and named it "the National Cabinet of Whore", where every sex worker gathered and discussed the issues of financial support, pandemic restrictions, and back-to-work requirements.