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Should You Go To An Adult Venue or Book Adult Entertainment

Whether you are hosting a Bachelor (Bucks) Party or Bachelorette Party or a private function with a sexy theme - you want the party to be as wildly memorable as possible. At LittleLushBook we are passionate about helping party planners and special guests find the best Adult Entertainment in the world for their events.

We recommend that for the hottest party you consider booking Female Strippers, Men Strippers, Topless Waiters and Topless Waitresses who will be sure to turn up the heat for all types of event and all types of guests.

However, we are often asked should you visit an adult entertainment venue or hire the best adult entertainment for your party?

Benefits: Booking Adult Entertainers with Little Lush Book

Where do we start? There are so many benefits to booking the Best Adult Entertainment In The World for your private party.


We think one of the biggest benefits is the fact that you will have choice in what kind of Adult Entertainment you choose to book for your special event and at Little Lush Book our entertainers are available for social and corporate events.

Another great benefit of hiring Adult Entertainers with Little Lush Book who will come to your home, hotel or private function room  is that it can save you and your friends money. In most cases, when you go to an adult entertainment venue, there are many other costs to consider such as paying entry, finding and paying for parking nearby or perhaps you need to organize a rideshare or taxi that can fit all your guests to get to the venue, as well as paying for the drinks all night at the venue.


One last benefit to keep in mind is how you will get your guests and yourself back home safely...together!


When you’re at an adult entertainment venue, you’ll likely be drinking, and it’s unlikely that one of your friends will want to stay sober to drive. You could hire a cab, but again, this will cost you money. If you hire adult entertainers to perform at your venue you won’t have to worry about getting home, as you’ll be there for the entirety of the party.

Benefits: Going to an Adult Entertainment Venue

Some prefer to go out and here are our thoughts on this.


We mentioned above that when you Hire The Best Adult Entertainers from Little Lush Book you can save money on drinks, cover charges for the venue as well as travel to and from the venue if you do not have a designated driver.


If money is an issue, we recommend you look into the cost of the venue you are considering, the cost of drinks versus having adult entertainers come to you - to see if you will save money.

One of the benefits of going to adult entertainment venues is the atmosphere. Unless your home is large and luxurious, you may not feel like a high roller. At an adult entertainment venue such as a strip club, it can be pleasant to experience a change of scenery–the lights, music, and atmosphere can go a long way toward making your special event feel absolutely unforgettable. If you aren’t sure which would be better, talk to your guests first. Some may prefer the louder club atmosphere, while others may prefer the familiar home environment.

If you choose to go to an adult entertainment venue, there may be a larger number of adult entertainers available compared to booking a couple of adult entertainers such as Hire Topless Waitresses, Topless Waiters, Strippers, Go-Go Dancers or more to come to your house. This can be ideal if you want individual special attention from the entertainers, or if your party is going to have a lot of guests attending.


In most cases, when you hire Strippers, you only hire a handful, while a large adult entertainment venue can have many more. If the people on your guest list have varying tastes, this variety can keep everyone happy, and it can be more time-efficient if your guests will want individual attention as opposed to just watching the adult entertainers entertain everyone as a group.

Another benefit is the extensive bar and beverages available at the venues. They may be more expensive, but unless you have a fully-stocked bar at home (and one of you is trained or experienced in making cocktails), it may be a good choice to go to an adult entertainment venue with a bar. Of course, this depends on your tastes. If you prefer fancier mixed drinks, a bar may be the best choice, but if you’d rather just shoot straight tequila, it can be more affordable to just have the party at your house.


In short, there are several scenarios where an adult entertainment venue has the better atmosphere that will be more fitting for your party–it all depends on your priorities.

In Conclusion...

Planning an unforgettable adult-oriented party whether it is a bachelor party, hens party or something a little different, when you are planning or deciding whether to hire Topless Waitresses, Topless Waiters, Go-Go Dancers or Exotic Dancers to come to your house or to go to an adult entertainment venue it is important to consider the points we have shared above.


There is no clear answer for whether the party would be better at home with the Best Adult Entertainment for Parties or at the adult entertainment venue you have been considering, the answer depends on what you hope to gain from the party, what your budget is, how much the venues are going to charge you and the preferences of your party guests.

Your ultimate goal is to have a party that is both fun and memorable, and with a well-planned party, you’ll likely achieve that goal regardless of whether you visit a bar or to have Little Lush Book Adult Entertainers come to you!

At LittleLushBook we are proud to connect you with the Best Topless Waitresses, Sexy Topless Waiters and Lingerie Waitresses for any event and any business anywhere in the world. Reliable and Professional.