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Not all Gorgeous Lingerie Waitresses At Bars are female

Working as a waitress is not an easy job as most of us think; on top of that displaying lingerie while on duty makes the tasks more challenging. Have you ever heard of lingerie waitresses? If not, you should know they are not the usual type of waitresses in wait staff positions. Instead of wearing standard waiter or waitress uniforms, these individuals dress up in sensual clothing to match their surroundings. The lingerie waitress uniform is usually very revealing, and is meant to entice customers into purchasing more food and drinks than they normally would.

Earning Scope of Lingerie Waitresses

Waitress don’t just work for fun obviously they need to live. So, in case you are interested in the job of a waitress that too a lingerie one you must know the income scope:

1. Talking about the earning scope of lingerie waitresses, an average lingerie waitress makes $45,000 per year. This salary range holds true for both male and female employees.2. Also, contrary to popular belief, most waitresses don’t make their money through gratuities alone—most of their earnings come from hourly wages.

3. Tip-earning ranges between 10% and 15% of total sales in most establishments.

4. These figures can vary significantly depending on where you live and how much time you spend working. In larger cities or at larger venues, tips are likely to be higher than in small towns or at small restaurants.

5. Nationally, women report earning an average of $23 K per year as a Lingerie Waitress - and men say it’s closer to $18 K.

6. The best salaries can be found in New York, where lingerie waitresses bring home roughly $34 K annually.

How Do Lingerie Waitresses Impress Men?

There is one universal truth when it comes to men, and that is they love lingerie. Men love seeing sexy lingerie on women, but they love feeling it even more. When lingerie waitresses are wearing full-body lingerie like teddies or corsets, men can feel their body heat. They crave that type of intimate connection with another person because it’s so rare in their day-to-day lives. If you want to impress your customers as a lingerie waitress, your ability to make them feel hot without touching them will set you apart from everyone else.

Work Life of Lingerie Waitresses

First think about this job is that the person needs to be well groomed and maintained at all times. There are strict body rules that such waitresses has to follow at all cost or else they will immediately have to vacant the post. Most people consider lingerie waitresses just for their enjoyment, but most people don’t know is justhow much of your life is dedicated to your work as a model in lingerie and bikinis. Besides having to be at work for long hours, you also have to be sure you look your best at all times by getting regular waxing and other treatments.

Dress Code of Lingerie Waitresses

Dressing up like a sexy bunny for work sounds like an enjoyable job perk but for most lingerie waitresses, it is just another way to boost their income. Most places have strict rules about appearance and will fire you if you don’t follow these rules. Your uniform usually consists of fishnet stockings, garter belt, corset, skirt and heels. However, there are some other requirements in order to get hired as lingerie waitresses at certain restaurants: such as having natural C-cup breasts, short black hair with curly bangs and fair skin complexion. Strict job requirements can be interpreted as both positive and negative depending on how well you fit in with them.

Many people assume that all lingerie waitresses are female and that is not always true. There are in fact, men working as lingerie waiters too! Female lingerie waitresses do get more attention from clients than their male counterparts. That said, there's no reason why male servers can't capitalize on wearing sexy little numbers to work. As long as you're comfortable with your body, showing it off can be an excellent way to make some extra cash!