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How to become the BEST adult entertainer

Here are Little Lush Book’s Tips on becoming a professional adult performer: 

1. Get Your Licenses  

You are going to need reliable transport to get to each adult entertainment party job, so  having reliable transport is going to be a great asset to you as a professional adult  performer. In some states you may also require a license to work as a  Female Stripper / Adult Entertainer so check to make sure you meet these requirements.  

You are also going to need your RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol) and an RCG  (Responsible Conduct Gaming) this will ensure that you have the necessary licenses in  case you are booked for events that have Alcohol or involve Gambling or are held at  venues that provide these.  

2. Find The Right Agency  

Look for an Best Female Adult Entertainment Agency that encourages and values Adult Entertainers of all shapes, sizes,  genders and sexualities. At Little Lush Book we are committed to the growth and  development of our Adult Entertainers, to make sure they can continue to thrive and shine  in this industry wherever they are in the world. 

3. Learn To Dance and Entertain  

When we are looking for the best Strippers For Hire to become a Little Lush Book Adult Talent, we are looking for men and women who can dance, perform and understand the rigorous and competitive nature of the adult industry. so if you want  to succeed in this industry; you need to learn at least a couple stage moves. 

Being aware of your body, eye contact, smiles, having an outgoing attitude and above all  passion for performance when you are giving a lap dance is important. Your ability to  make the most money in this industry relies on your skills and your looks.  

4. Invest In Costumes, Sexy Outfits and Heels!  

Equip your wardrobe with your performer essentials this includes outfits that match your  personality on stage. At the beginning, we recommend you find outfits that fit your budget. When you are earning consistent income from being a professional Adult  Entertainer than you can consider investing in expensive, fancy outfits.  

You will need to invest in steady, sturdy and lasting high heels that are made for dancers,  the best is to buy a pair that matches with multiple outfits.  

We recommend you make sure that your outfits can be removed easily, so avoid difficult  dresses and outfits that have complex straps and find what works best for you, timing  and ultimately what makes your body and best assets stand out.  

5. Exercise and Diet are Key To Success  

Little Lush Book Adult Entertainers and Party Performers have hot bodies and can do  unbelievable routines and strip shows because they have worked hard on their bodies,  their flexibility and have stuck to a diet that works for their health both physically and  mentally.  

Our Adult Entertainers exercise, adopt a healthy diet, avoid drugs and too much alcohol.  If you are using drugs or being drunk on the job you will be fired from Little Lush Book. We do not accept dancers who are using substances as this puts not only them at risk but  also our valuable clients and our respected and industry leading reputation at Little Lush  Book. 

So... Stay Sober. Eat Healthy. Exercise.  

6. Be An Incredible Communicator  

Learn to be a great talker with amazing charisma and personality. You need to be able to  listen and communicate clearly and friendly with our clients. Some of the men and women  who book adult entertainers from Little Lush Book expect conversation and personality. 

As an Adult Entertainer or Party Performer of Little Lush Book, you will be interacting with all types of different people and not all will be nice or cheery. 

Be prepared with a winning smile and a personality that melts hearts. ……

At LittleLushBook, we are proud to connect you with the Best Topless Waitresses,  Sexy Topless Waiters and Lingerie Waitresses for any event and any business  anywhere in the world. Reliable and Professional. 

Live The Lush Life, Become A Talent Today