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4 Parties Perfect For Strippers, Topless Waiters and More!

Our Professional Adult Entertainment for Private Parties and Corporate Events will make sure to turn up the heat at your next gathering!

If you think that booking Bachelor Party Stripper is just for bachelor parties and hens parties be prepared to be blown away with the top 4 parties perfect for strippers, topless waiters and more!

Bachelor (Bucks) Party

Bachelor Party Strippers and Adult Entertainers are one of the most popular parties and events we provide Little Lush Book talent for. A bachelor party is the last party of the groom-to-be as a single man which is why our Professional Adult Entertainers and other flirty and sexy activities are essentials!

Whether you are located in the United States of America or in Australia, why not book an Adult Entertainer with Little Lush Book that can give sensual, fun yet classy performances for you and your friends. The idea of having Topless waiters and Strippers, Go-Go Dancers and Exotic Entertainment should already make you sweat with excitement, are we right?

Birthday Celebrations

Birthday Party Strippers, Hire Australian Strippers and more - who says you cannot have some sexy and kinky fun? For the boys who are about to enter adulthood, a Female Stripper can be a great party gift.


Your 18th or 21st birthday only comes once and it must be celebrated like no other. Consider booking a professional stripper from Little Lush Book who has the experience to entertain various types of guests.


A Birthday Party Stripper or Topless Waitresses can provide an all-around classy and cheeky entertainment option with no lull or downtimes.

Say I Don't - Divorce Parties

Divorce Parties are a great way of signifying the closure of one chapter and the beginning of a new and exciting adventure in your life. 


Consider booking sexy adult entertainers from Little Lush Book because there is no better way to celebrate an end to an excruciating divorce than a party with Exotic Dancers, Go-Go 

Dancers, Topless Waiters and Nude Waitresses. 


Why not celebrate your new-found freedom with a night of dancing and flirty interactive entertainment with a stripper?


Divorce is a long, painful process.


After you get the finality of a divorce, you get a new beginning, a new chapter in your life. Before you tread this new territory, why not throw a sexy party?

Graduation and University Events

Graduation and University Party Adult Entertainers and a house full of graduates will never have enough fun without the presence of Go-Go Dancers, Topless Waiters, Sexy Waitresses and Beautiful Strippers from Little Lush Book.


Aside from alcohol, our professional adult entertainers for all types of events can provide a temporary escape to the otherwise serious and tasking day to day life of university students.


There is something for everything at Little Lush Book including the hottest Atmosphere Models, Lingerie and Bikini Waitresses, Topless and Nude Waitresses, Exotic Dancers as well as Go-Go Dancers and more! 


We have made it really easy: Sign up & Post a Job, Then Pick from who Applies. 


At LittleLushBook we are proud to connect you with the Best Topless Waitresses, Sexy Topless Waiters and Lingerie Waitresses for any event and any business anywhere in the world. Reliable and Professional.